The FPH electronic portfolio (ePortfolio) system provides Specialty Registrars with a central platform for the management of information and documentation on progression of learning against the public health specialty training curriculum during their time in training. The ePortfolio allows Registrars to relate documentation and evidence to the curriculum and incorporates the ability to record various sign offs.

The training ePortfolio is managed by the registrar who must reflect on and record their achievements on an on-going basis. The ePortfolio system has NOT been designed to replace face-to-face meetings, or be used as the sole method of communication between registrars and supervisors, but is intended to be used as a complimentary tool to aid recording training activity.

The ePortfolio can be accessed from here.

Information on the system can be found on the Faculty of Public Health website.

Using the ePortfolio system:

  • The FPH have produced a Guidance Manual which covers both the registrar and supervisor functionality. 
  • The system should be intuitive enough to navigate using the printed Manual alone.
  • You are encouraged to work through any issues yourselves before contacting the e-portfolio champions.

Contacting us:

  • There are FAQs on Glasscubes where may find the answer to your question.
  • The first point of contact for any ePortfolio queries will be

Training Guide for Registrars

Training Guide for Supervisors