Tutorial Programme

The tutorial programme is an annual programme of events organised and run by Specialty Registrars with support from the Programme Team.

The programme of tutorials is offered each year and consists of approximately 10-12 tutorials per year.  The content is developed by Registrars, led by two tutorial representatives, and in consultation with the Training Programme Team.  All Registrars are expected to attend and participate in the tutorial programme.

The current programme is listed on the events programme calendar

Registering to Attend

To attend a tutorial, please register your attendance on the relevant event webpage.  You will then be required to confirm your registration by clicking on the ‘confirm email’ link in the email that will be automatically sent to you.  This is important as it will ensure the tutorial organisers have accurate attendance numbers.

Tutorial Attendance

Tutorial attendance is monitored at ARCPs.  It is an expectation that Registrars attend at least 70% of tutorials in a year.  Attendance is calculated based on working hours with tutorials taking place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to ensure equity.

Whilst Registrars are officially assigned to the training programme the arrangements are that if you cannot attend the tutorial for any reason, eg a non-working day, extra responsibilities, annual leave; you must seek approval from the Head of School for any tutorials you cannot attend and also inform the Programme Team.


Each Tutorial is evaluated using an online survey.  Registrars must complete this in order to evidence attendance at a tutorial.  The evaluation is managed by the Programme Team and will be shared with the tutorial organisers.

In addition to the tutorial programme, Registrars may organise further meetings where they can share their work and experiences. The Training Programme may also run additional training days and courses available to the Registrar group.


Please contact the Programme Team if you have any questions about the tutorial programme.