As part of Specialty Training all Specialty Registrars are required to complete an initial minimum of three month whole time equivalent (WTE) placement in health protection after passing the DFPH exam. During this placement a safe on-call assessment will be undertaken before progression to on-call out of hours work.

You should discuss plans to undertake this placement with your Educational Supervisor and make contact with one of the PHE Specialty Tutors.

Health Protection Training Policy

There is a Health Protection Training policy, available which describes arrangements for the initial minimum of three month placement, with opportunities for a further attachment and an extended specialist training pathway.

This policy also has useful appendices which you will find beneficial during your placement.

Honorary Contract Arrangements

Prior to your placement commencing, Public Health England will need to issue you with an honorary contract. It is important that you arrange this at least three months in advance of your placement to ensure that the contract is in place.

Public Health England require to you to complete an honorary contract request form and submit various documents. Please contact the relevant Health Protection unit directly to arrange this.

Health Protection On-call Arrangements

Having assessed an individual Specialty Registrar in Public Health and deemed them competent to undertake supervised out of hours on call duties, your health protection supervisor should:

  • Inform the Training Programme Director and Public Health Programme Manager
  • Contact the Public Health Programme Manager to agree a start date
  • Ensure that you are not rostered for on call duties until a start date has been agreed, otherwise there may be problems with payment.