Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)

All Specialty Registrars on the training programme are required to undertake a yearly assessment of their progress (Annual Review of Competence Progression).

Each annual assessment is carried out by a small specialty-based panel as detailed in the Gold Guide. It will provide an opportunity for the Registrar to provide comments on their training to date, as well as reviewing their progress/competences and identifying specific training needs.

The annual review will confirm the progress of Specialty Registrar through the training programme, followed by a documented recommendation for the following year, ie:

  • that the Registrar is ready to progress to the next year of a structured training programme
  • that all the competences have been achieved
  • that targeted training or repeat training at the same level is required
  • to provide a final statement of the Registrar's completion of the training programme

Successful completion of the full training programme will lead to a recommendation from the Specialist Training Committee that a Certificate of Completion of Training be issued - the CCT.

Repeated failure to progress will lead to withdrawal from the training programme.

Preparation for ARCP

The Public Health Training Manager sets up ARCP panels and allocates Specialty Registrars to panels throughout the year. The training programme calendar provides information on ARCP dates and venues and StR’s will be informed of their ARCP in advance.

  • Specialty Registrars will be required to attend their ARCP in person unless notified to the contrary.
  • No later than two weeks prior to the ARCP date ePortfolios must be up to date.  Failure to meet this deadline may affect the outcome of your ARCP.
  • A joint meeting should be organised by the StR with both educational and academic supervisors a minimum of 4-6 weeks prior to the ARCP date. This will allow time for supervisor ARCP reports to be included in the e-portfolio.
  • The aim of the ACRP is to have ‘no surprises’ at the Panel itself, therefore, this joint meeting should highlight any problems rather than leaving them to arise only at the Panel meeting.  If any concerns are identified about expected progress (compared with the latest learning agreement and/or against the FPH pathway), the Training Programme Director/Head of School should be contacted before the ARCP.
  • StRs should ensure that all items on the checklist are included in their e-portfolio.   Supervisor reports, Form R and an accurate curriculum review form are required in advance of the ARCP. 
  • ARCPs run paperless and all documentation should be send electronically. Please ensure all relevant forms/documents are uploaded to your ePortfolio.

Further information about ARCP’s can be found on the Severn PGME website