Maternity Leave Process

Pre-maternity Leave

Once you know that you are expecting a baby you should read the Maternity Leave Policy.  You are required to inform the Public Health Programme Manager as soon as possible.

You need to work out when you will commence your maternity leave and how long maternity leave you will take.  You may want to take a period of annual leave before your maternity leave commences.

You must complete an application form for maternity leave which can also be found on this link Application form for Maternity Leave.  This must be submitted to the Public Health Programme Manager with your Mat B1 which you should obtain from your midwife around about your 20th week of pregnancy.  This form and Mat B1 must be submitted by the 15th week before baby is due to the Programme team.

You will receive confirmation of your maternity leave entitlement in writing following submission of this form.

Whilst on maternity leave

Keeping In Touch:

Ensure you keep in touch with your educational supervisor and the training programme during your maternity leave. 

You can work any keeping in touch (KIT) days which you have arranged with your educational supervisor. 

You may work a maximum of 10 KIT days without bringing maternity leave to an end.  Pay for these days will be at standard daily rate less any maternity leave payment for that day. 

You must inform the Public Health Programme Manager when you have worked any of these days so that payment can be made.

Pre-returning from maternity leave

You should make contact with the Public Health Programme Manager and your educational supervisor at least 2 months before returning from maternity leave to confirm the exact date you will return.  It is important to work out whether you will take some of your accrued annual leave before physically returning to work.  This will mean that you will return to the Gloucester payroll on a set date, then take a period of leave and then return to work. 

If you wish to meet with the Public Health Programme Manager to discuss any elements of your maternity leave then please just make contact with the Programme Team.

Paternity Leave

You are entitled to 2 weeks Paternity leave following the birth of your baby.  You should complete the form on this link Paternity Leave form and submit to the Public Health Programme Manager.

Adoption Leave

The Adoption leave policy can be found on this link Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave.

Shared Parental Leave

The Shared Parental Leave policy can be found on this link Shared Parental Leave policy.

Information regarding KIT/SPLIT days