All Registrars must use Gloucestershire Hospitals electronic expenses system in order to claim expenses. The system is called EASY and is linked to the ESR system. Registrars will need to self register on the EASY system. Please contact Gemma Cooke if you have any issues with this. 

The deadline for submitting expense claims is the 3rd of each month. Claims will be rejected unless all the information has been completed correctly and proof of payment, if applicable, has been uploaded.


Claiming mileage - If you need to claim for any mileage throughout training, you will need to send the following to the training programme team prior to claiming;

- Completed vehicle application form

- Copy of your MOT certificate

- Copy of your driving licence

- Copy of your insurance certificate stipulating business use

Further details including the rates of reimbursement of travel costs can be found here

For some Registrars, the electronic mileage system does not work due to home-base calculations, in this instance, a paper form must be completed upon agreement with the programme team in order to make a claim. The form can be found on Glasscubes in the Expenses file. 


Subsistence - You can find the subsistence allowances here


How to claim

Please see below the process for claiming all expenses on the EASY system;

Step by step process

  • Complete expenses as usual online and ensure all receipts are added
  • Before a claim is submitted, take a screenshot of the full claim and add this into a word document
  • The Educational Supervisor needs to add their electronic signature to this form to approve the claim 
  • Send the completed signed form to Gemma Cooke electronically by the deadline of the 3rd of each month
  • Submit the claim on the EASY system 
  • Expenses will only be approved upon receipt of the signed form from your Supervisor

If claiming for study leave expenses, these will not be approved until a study leave application has been received on the Accent system and a feedback form has been completed. This can be found on Glasscubes

All Registrars, unless in an agreement with Diane Lloyd to use electronic expense forms for Relocation expenses, must use the EASY electronic expense system when claiming expenses. This includes study leave expenses.

Expenses must be claimed for on a monthly basis; for example, for a deadline of the 3rd of January, claims in December should be claimed. 

Relocation Expenses

Relocation expenses should be discussed and agreed with the training programme on commencement of training in the South West. The relocation policy and guidelines can be found here

Registrars must complete a paper expenses form for all relocation expenses. The form can be found on Glasscubes in the Expenses file. 


Telephone expenses

If you are claiming telephone expenses in relation to your work you should claim on the Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust reimburse for telephone expenses claim form.  You can claim for the cost of a telephone call and you must submit a receipt which confirms the cost of the call(s).   You should complete the first form only when you make your first claim and the second form at all times when you make a claim.  Once completed the claim form should be sent to Gemma Cooke for processing. 


If you have any queries relating to expenses, please contact the Programme team.