Public Health Educational-Academic Supervisor and Registrar Meetings:  Quick Guide


All registrars have a designated educational and academic supervisor. Educational supervisors are expected to meet regularly with their registrar to review the learning contract, progress of current service work and learning.

Regular three way meetings between the registrar, academic supervisor and educational supervisors are encouraged, these meetings may be used to:

  • Identify the support required for the DFPH and MFPH exams
  • Plan and sign off learning outcomes
  • Assessing progress 
  • Consideration of an academic placement
  • Applications for PhD funding
  • Seeking opportunities to publish or present service work
  • Further CPD, skills gaps, advanced training needs

The following is a guide to good practice with these meetings.


  • Hold meetings more than once per year (3 times a year is suggested frequency)
  • Ideally meet face to face (for at least one meeting) but can be teleconference given geography
  • Set some clear aims and objectives for the meeting
  • Registrar to take lead in setting aims based on needs and stage of training e.g what support may be required for the DFPH exam


Pre-meeting and meeting: 

  • Registrar to have a list of current and planned service work
  • Review academic content of existing work
  • Identify opportunities for publications
  • Academic supervisor to have a list of opportunities within academic departments/projects
  • List any outcomes expected before next meeting or ARCP such as learning outcomes to meet
  • Notes should be taken by the registrar which can be uploaded onto the e-portfolio