Rotation to other training locations or placement 


In the course of the five year training programme Specialty Registrars are expected to gain experience in at least two different training locations, in addition to health protection experience, in order to be exposed to a wide range of organisational cultures and public health issues. These moves are coordinated by the Training programme team.  Allocation to the first training location takes place as part of the recruitment process.  This policy describes the allocation of subsequent training locations/placements.

Process of allocation of future training location/placements

Rotation to Second training location   

The first training location could be of a minimum duration of 1 year and a maximum duration of 3 years, after commencing the training programme.  This is in line with the curriculum and the timeframe for achieving Phase 1 competences. Therefore a Specialty Registrar could rotate to their second training location any time within this timeframe.  This would usually be around the time of completion of Phase 1 competences including completion of membership exams.  Allocation of training location and placements are made primarily on educational and service grounds; personal preference and circumstance will be taken into account as far as possible but will not override educational or service needs, or the overall balance of the training programme.

Specialty Registrars will be expected to be able to take up any training location within their allocated zone.   If more than one Specialty Registrar expresses a preference for a particular placement/training location, the following criteria will be used by the Head of School, in the order listed, to decide the placement allocations.

  • Any specific individual workplace needs e.g. workplace adaptations, which require a specific placement.
  • Any educational or training needs which cannot be met in other locations.
  • Family circumstances or similar constraints which would make travel to particular locations difficult.

The training programme is aware that travel time even within allocated rotation zones can be significant. We will endeavour to support registrars to find solutions that both meet the overall needs of the training programme, while avoiding impact on wellbeing and/or performance.  In the case of this situation arising the training programme will consider agreeing an exceptional arrangement with an individual Specialty Registrar. 

The training programme will endeavour to commence discussion with a Specialty Registrar about their rotation to a second training location within 6 – 12 months of commencing on the training programme.  This does not mean that they will rotate then; it will be the decision of the Specialty Registrar and their educational supervisors to discuss the exact rotation date.

The identification of suitable/available training locations is based on the number of available accredited educational supervisors and the number of current Specialty Registrars in a training location.  In some cases Specialty Registrars may be given a choice of their next training location but often there will be only one available training location within their allocated zone.  Subsequent placements may require travel or relocation.  The Training Programme team will have liaised with future training locations to see if they are able to accommodate a new Specialty Registrar.

We cannot guarantee a specific placement at a specific time for any Specialty Registrar, as arrangements are subject to change. 

Once a decision has been reached as to where the second training location will be it is then the responsibility of the Specialty Registrar with liaison from their educational supervisor and their future training location to agree a specific date as to when the rotation should take place.  The Specialty Registrar is responsible for ensuring the training programme is informed of the agreed date of rotation.

Academic Specialty Registrars will rotate their service placements but their academic location will not change.

Specialty Registrars must undertake the following checklist of requirements when moving to a new training location:-

  • Inform Training Programme team of exact start date in new location
  • Has your Educational Supervisor changed?  Who is your new Educational Supervisor?  Ensure that the training programme team know who this is
  • Has an induction been arranged in your new location?
  • Arrange an early meeting with the new training location prior to moving
  • Do you have a learning agreement with your new Educational Supervisor?
  • If this location is a local authority organisation then please obtain a Delegation of Authority certificate from the Public Health Programme Manager in order to indemnify you whilst you are placed there.  This should be signed by the appropriate person within that training location.
  • If this location is a PHE organisation then please ensure that they issue you with an Honorary Contract.
  • Discuss with the Public Health Programme Manager whether you are eligible to claim excess travel on moving to a new training location.
  • Ensure a structured and face to face handover and discussion takes place between Specialty Registrars and supervisors.
  • Training Programme to ensure that the new training location has some history of the StR before the move happens.

It has been identified that the geographical distance between other training locations and Cornwall Council is significant. When a Specialty Registrar is placed in Cornwall as their first training location we will aim to agree the second training location within six months of commencing on the training programme.

Rotation to other Placements

Initially Specialty Registrars should discuss possible placements with their educational supervisor to ensure its relevance to their training needs. A clear outline of the expected work programme and the way in which it will address the Specialty Registrar’s training needs and enhance their experience should then be submitted to the Head of School for formal approval before applying for the placement.

Following approval the Specialty Registrar can commence discussions and agree the specific details of the placement and the start date with the Placement supervisor.  The Specialty Registrar must inform the Training Programme team once final details are agreed.

Registrars must undertake the following checklist of requirements when moving to a temporary placement away from your training location or undertaking a placement away from your training location for part of your working week:-

  • Inform Training Programme of exact start date in new placement
  • Who is your Activity Supervisor?  Ensure that they are accredited.
  • Is the training location a recognised GMC location or should you complete an application for out of programme experience?
  • Discuss with the Public Health Programme Manager whether you are eligible to claim excess travel on moving to a temporary training location.
  • 3 way meeting must take place between current educational supervisor, StR and future Activity Supervisor.

Mandatory Health Protection placements will be with the Health Protection Team which covers the initial placement.  These placements are agreed in conjunction with the Health Protection Training policy.

South Zone Health Protection location is in Totnes and North and East Zone Health Protection location is in Bristol.


It is important that the above guidelines are adhered to ensure that the Training Programme is fair and equitable to all Specialty Registrars and that they receive a good training experience.