The purpose of this Policy is to provide a consistent framework and approach for Public Health Registrars applying for overseas placements.  The Training Programme will seek to be responsive to the needs of individuals and their specific learning objectives.

Prospective approval is required by the Head of School, Training Programme Director, the Deanery, the Faculty of Public Health and the GMC.  This should be obtained a minimum of 3 months before commencement of the overseas placement.

Funding of placements

Registrars are to be encouraged to look for bursaries, grants and fellowships to fund identified placements.  If Registrars are unable to do this:-

The Training Programme may support the following funding allocations:-

  • Pay basic salary up to a maximum period of 6 months.
  • Pay travel and subsistence to and from the point of exit in this country.

The Training Programme will not support:-

  • Travel beyond point of exit (hardship cases to be discussed individually as and when they occur)
  • All other expenses, including accommodation, to be negotiated by the Registrar with the placement host.


NHS indemnity will cover healthcare professionals for any liabilities arising as the result of negligent acts or omissions arising during the course of their NHS employment.  Overseas work is not covered by NHS indemnity as Registrars are not acting on behalf of the Trust and the Trust wouldn't owe a duty of care.  Registrars would need to seek alternative cover either through the charity that they may work with or through one of the defence organisations.

The Registrar should ensure that a required level of personal and professional indemnity is in place, at the personal expense of the Registrar, so that, in whatever circumstance, the employee and employer [GHNHSFT] are in a position of no less detriment had the overseas experience not taken place.


Should any Registrar have cause to complain about any aspect of this policy, the complaint should be dealt with in the first instance by the Public Health Programme Manager and the individual concerned.  If the complaint cannot be resolved it will be referred to the Training Programme Director.