Career Events and Taster Sessions 

The South West Public Health Training Programme are committed to ensuring that those interested in Public Health as a Career have access to as much information as possible to decide whether Public Health is for them. 

The Programme have developed a structured process to ensure that those interested can receive the information and experience they need in Public Health. This is primarily aimed at those who express an interest in applying to Specialty Training in the South West.  


Interested in Public Health Specialty Training? 

All initial enquiries should be directed to the Programme team in the first instance 

Following this initial contact, the opportunity to attend the Programme’s Career Event will be made available.  


Attend a Career Event 

The Training Programme hold two free at attend events per year, usually held in the Spring. One event will take place in the North (Bristol) and one in the South (Exeter or Plymouth).  

These exciting events offer a wealth of information, in a series of short presentations, on all aspects of Public Health and training in the South West.  Those attending will hear from Consultants working in a variety of settings and Registrars who are currently training and there will be an opportunity to ask questions. Information on any upcoming events can be found here 

For those unable to attend the events, or if the event has passed, the opportunity to watch a recording of the session is available by contacting the Programme team.


Attend a Taster Session  

If you have attended a Career Event or have watched the online sessions detailed above, you now have the opportunity, if you like, to attend a Taster Session. These one-day sessions are run by local authorities across the South West and are also free to attend.   

At a Taster Session you can gain some valuable knowledge on Public Health and get involved with some activities within the Council with the Public Health team. Information on upcoming events, and to register, please click here 

Please note that spaces are limited, and you can only register for a taster session if you have already attended a career event or watched the online sessions. 



Please see the Faculty of Public Health website for essential recruitment guidance and recruitment FAQs.

The South West Public Health Training Programme have also developed some FAQs including common questions that are asked at Career Events. Please contact the Programme team if you would like a copy. 


Further information  

For more information on Specialty training including recruitment information, please visit the Faculty of Public Health website 

For current vacancies in the South West, please visit the recruitment page 

For all general queries please contact the Programme team