Requirements to be a Supervisor in the South West


This section contains information for Consultants and Public Health Professionals in the South West for:

Accreditation for New Educational and Academic Supervisors

In order to supervise a Specialty Registrar based in a South West training location you must be fully accredited to standards set by Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME)

To become accredited, you must attend core competency training in 7 training activities:

  1. Roles and responsibilities
  2. Assessments
  3. Educational appraisal
  4. Educational theory and practice
  5. ARCP (online)
  6. Equality and Diversity (online)
  7. How to Support StRs

This training has been developed by PGME.  5 of the competencies are obtained by attending in person at training workshops, other competencies are available on-line.

Supervisors must also meet the requirements as set out by Faculty of Public Health.


Maintaining accreditation

Having achieved full accreditation, you must maintain your skills with an annual update.  The annual update can be completed by attending the Public Health Training Conference, if a Supervisor cannot attend, video clips will be available via YouTube. Details of this will be communicated to you by the Programme Team.


Accreditation for Supervisors who have moved to the South West and trained as a supervisor elsewhere

For experienced supervisors who have attended supervisor training in another region it is still necessary to attend training in the south west.


Accreditation for new Activity Supervisors

In order to project/activity supervise a Specialty Registrar based in a South West training location you must meet standards set by Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) by attending training relevant workshops covering:

1.      Roles and responsibilities

2.      Assessments

3.      Educational appraisal

4.      Educational theory and practice

These training requirements 1-4 can be achieved by attending Public Health specific training communicated by the Programme team. You are not required to repeat this training.

(Please note Project/Activity Supervisor is a term used in Public Health only.  The FPH is now referring to Project Supervisors as Activity Supervisors and there is reference to both throughout the Public Health website.   In PGME, the role of Project/Activity Supervisor equates to Clinical Supervisor in other medical specialties.)

You should also complete equality and diversity training – either in your own organisation or if no training is available, you can complete the PGME on-line training.  To request a log-in for this training, email

If you are interested in extending your training related skills, you are welcome to attend any other PGME courses 

For any queries relating to accreditation or Supervisor training please contact

More information can also be found in the South West Public Health Training Policy


Supervisor Accreditation and Competences




How can this be achieved?

How often do I need to repeat this training?

Educational Supervisor

Academic Supervisor

Health Protection Supervisor

Activity Supervisor

ES 1

ES 2

ES 3

ES 4


By attending Public Health specific training for all Supervisors





















This is available as a short online module Email  to request access.





















ES 6



This is available as an online module.  Email to request access.

Other employers’ equality and diversity training may be acceptable as long as you can produce a certificate and it has been completed within the previous 3 years.






Every 3 years



















Not compulsory but all supervisors should complete E&D

ES 7

How to Support StRs

This is delivered through half day courses organised by Severn Postgraduate Medical Education. 
















Annual update

Update specifically for public health by attending Annual Training Conferences. Video clips are available for those who cannot attend.





















CPD Educational Skills course

By attending CPD courses open to Educational and Academic Supervisors


Not required- optional