As of 1st April 2014, Registrars in the School of Public Health will need to submit all Study Leave applications to the Severn Deanery electronically, via the self-service facilities within the LETB's 

Intrepid Online computer system. 

Please note the normal study leave process will need to be followed in obtaining approval from your Educational Supervisor.

All study leave applications need to include the numbers of days to be taken and approximate amount of expenses.

Please ensure that the online study leave application is submitted in advance of your course, training days, exams etc.

Please note that you still need to submit an application form even when you are not intending to claim any expenses. If you are not claiming any study days because the courses are being held on the weekends or because it falls on a non-working day, please mark ‘0’ in the ‘no. of days applied for’ box.

Instructions on how to log on to the system can be obtained by contacting  Gemma Cooke.


Before you submit your application online you will need to obtain approval from your Educational Supervisor. Please note that the Training Programme will conduct randomised checks that approval has been sought.

Then, as part of the online application you will submit the name of your approver along with an assurance that you have obtained the necessary approvals.  Please note as Public Health does not have Rota Managers then you are required to put the name of your educational supervisor in both the educational supervisor field and the rota manager field.

Once you have submitted your online application, the School Support Manager, will check that the appropriate leave entitlement is available and where appropriate, provide final approval. Once your application has been processed, the Intrepid Study Leave system will send you notification of the outcome via email. Please note that an approval email constitutes approval of leave days only. Approval of expenses can only be sought following attendance and proof of associated expenses in the form of receipts. This needs to be sent through to the School Support Manager within 3 months of taking the leave using the E-travel expenses system.

Please submit an application for all Study Leave (except for internal study leave as stated in the policy) regardless of whether you are seeking to recover fees and expenses. We still need to check applications from the point of view of time and to maintain accurate records of the total amount of study leave time that you have applied for and taken.


Please contact Gemma Cooke, School Support Manager, if you have any queries.

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