Study leave aims to:

  • Enhance clinical education, training and learning.
  • Be incorporated as an integral part of the education and training process.
  • Provide education and training not easily acquired in the clinical setting e.g. the acquisition of a theoretical knowledge base.
  • Support the delivery of curriculum targets.
  • Be considered as part of the appraisal process between the trainee and their Educational Supervisor.


The Public Health Training Programme will adhere to the Severn Deanery policy. This policy provides further information on study leave and outlines points to consider when applying for study leave. In brief, Specialty Registrars are entitled to a maximum of 30 days study leave per year. It is expected that half (15 days) of this allowance is used for Regional Public Health Events for which a study leave application is not required. The other 15 days is for external use. The year’s allocation is calculated from the date of commencement onto the programme. Trainees who are less than full-time will be allocated study leave days on a pro-rata basis.

The study leave allowance is £563 per trainee per year.  If you are undertaking a masters course, (or equivalent short-courses) during your first year on the programme, the study leave allowance will be used towards the cost of the masters course. Only external study leave expenses will be deducted from the £563 allowance.

Applying for Study Leave 

Time off for study leave should be requested using the online Intrepid system. You should also include anticipated costs on your application. Study leave applications should be made at least 2 weeks prior to the date the leave is scheduled to take place. Applications made after the deadline may not be authorised.

Study leave applications are not required for the following Regional Public Health Events and related expenses will not be deducted from the study leave allowance;

  • Tutorials
  • Development School (Dartington)
  • Annual Training Conference
  • Scientific Conference

If you wish to attend any Locally run courses such as those below, a study leave application is required and attendance will be deducted from your 15 days external allocation but any related expenses will not be deducted from your £563 study leave allowance.

  • Short courses run by the Universities (Bristol, Exeter, UWE)
  • Part A Revision Courses
  • Professional and Generic Skills training
  • Other courses ran locally by institutions linked to the training programme ie.PHE/Severn PGME

For all external courses and conferences, study leave applications are required. External courses are defined as being courses that are not within region ie. FPH conference. External leave also includes exams and private study. Such events will be deducted from the 15 days external study leave Registrars are entitled to and expenses including course/conference fees, travel, accommodation and subsistence will be deducted from the £563 study leave allowance.  

Registrars can access their leave and allowance entitlements and remaining balances when logging into the Intrepid system. If you experience any difficulties accessing the system please contact Gemma Cooke, School Support Manager.

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an email notification once leave is approved.

Claiming Study Leave expenses

If you need to claim study leave expenses this needs to be done using the E-travel system. Study leave expenses will only be authorised if an application has been made for the leave beforehand and anticipated costs were inputted. The deadline for submitted claims is the 5th of each month. 

Please ensure that each entry on the expenses system is marked clearly as 'Study Leave' to ensure that deductions are made from the study leave allowance if applicable.

If you are planning to attend a course/conference and there is facility for the course provider to invoice the training programme directly for the fee, please provide them with the following information so they can raise an invoice:

Cost Centre - AGA93
Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
South West Public Health Training Programme,
Deanery House, Vantage Office Park,
Old Gloucester Road, Hambrook, Bristol
BS16 1GW

Please contact the Training Programme team should the course provider require a Purchase Order. 

  • We cannot pay study leave to trainees whilst they are Out of Programme.
  • We cannot reimburse international flights.
  • We cannot reimburse exam fees.
  • We cannot pay for any claims without proof of payment and and a feedback form.
  • We can only pay up to £55 per night accommodation unless it is in London.

If you are experiencing any difficulties with the expenses system please contact Gemma Cooke, School Support Manager.

Study Leave feedback forms

In line with the Severn Deanery Study Leave policy, completion and submission of a Study Leave Feedback form is required following attendance of any external study leave you wish to claim expenses for, this is a quality control measure. Feedback forms should be submitted with or before a claim for expenses is received by the programme team. Feedback forms can be emailed electronically to Gemma Cooke  or uploaded onto a registrar's ePortfolio, although a registrar must inform Gemma which way they intend to send the form. 

Failure to submit feedback may result in expenses not being authorised.

Expectations whilst attending the academic course

The priority during the academic year is to gain knowledge for the Part A MFPH. However, StRs should remain in contact with their training location whilst attending the academic course and, unless on annual or study leave agreed with their educational supervisor, should attend their training location during the term recesses. Where the StR is attending the academic course will determine whether contact in term time is in person or by e-mail / telephone. Whilst this contact with the training location will not count towards the 48 months required for CCT, it is an expectation of South West Public Health Training Programme. Maintaining contact will help observe and better understand the theory being taught on the academic course. Attendance at tutorials is encouraged as long as it does not interrupt the academic work.

It is expected that trainees return to their training location after completion of the taught element of their academic course. However, it is recognised that they will require protected time in order to write up and complete any written assignments and their dissertation in accordance with time requirement stipulated by their relevant academic institution. This ‘protected time’, must be agreed with their educational supervisor.

Annual leave during the academic year must be taken during the term recesses. All leave must be agreed with the educational supervisor.