The MFPH is an objective structured Public Health examination, also called the Faculty of Public Health Final Membership Examination.

It is designed as a 'show how' assessment of the ability of the candidate to apply relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes to the practice of public health.

It takes the form of 6 scenarios; for each scenario there is a briefing pack which candidates read for eight minutes, followed by role play which lasts for eight minutes.

MFPH Preparation

The FPH site provides full details of exam content, the structure of the exam, how to apply, preparation (including sample questions), what to expect on the day and information on results and feedback.

Sample Exam Questions

Support for South West Registrars sitting their MFPH examination

Once the DFPH examination has been taken and passed, StRs should plan for sitting and passing the MFPH.  The timeframe is dictated by the training pathway.

In order to be ready and confident for this examination, StRs should have familiarised themselves with the process, undertaken practice sessions with colleagues and attended a mock exam.

To achieve this:

  • Read all the information on the Faculty of Public Health website
  • Ask your supervisor and other Public Health consultants and senior StRs to go through scenarios with you
  • Ensure you let the Programme Team know when you are planning to sit your OSPHE and attend the mock exam.

The mock MFPH

All StRs on the South West Public Health Training Programme are invited to attend one mock exam.  In exceptional circumstances an StR will be invited to attend a second mock exam following discussion with the Training Programme Director.  The mock exams are scheduled to take place in May and September each year so consideration should be taken into account when planning an exam sitting. The mock is organised with 4 scenario stations (there are 6 in the actual exam) and is led by local MFPH examiners, consultants and sometimes, senior registrars.  It follows the format as realistically as possible with group and individual feedback offered after the exam.

The scenarios used in the mocks are not ones the StRs will have seen before.  In order to keep the scenarios fresh and relevant to current work, the Programme Team invites post MFPH StRs to write new scenarios based on their day to day work.

For queries regarding support for sitting the mock MFPH, contact