The new E-portfolio system went live on 13th February 2015.

To access the new system please click here 

Using the new e-portfolio system:

  • The FPH have produced a Guidance Manual which covers both the registrar and supervisor functionality. 
  • The system should be intuitive enough to navigate using the printed Manual alone.
  • You are encouraged to work through any issues yourselves before contacting the e-portfolio champions which are Petra Manley and Gemma Cooke.

Contacting us:

  • There are FAQs on Huddle so you can see what issues/queries have already been answered. Always check this Log first (before contacting the champions) as there may be an answer to your question.
  • The first point of contact for any portfolio queries will be Gemma Cooke at She will triage and coordinate the queries and will pass them on to the champions if appropriate.

Training Guide for Registrars

Training Guide for Supervisors