Are You Considering a Career in Public Health and Want to Find Out More?

Within Public Health, there is a wide range of career opportunities. To familiarise yourself with these and to find out more about the qualifications needed for different roles in Public Health, please look at the information provided by PHORCAST.

We train future specialists in public health, who will occupy senior posts in a range of organisations. To check your eligibility to apply for training, please look carefully at the job description and person specification provided by the Faculty of Public Health.

Careers Tasters

If you are eligible to apply for specialist training and want to find out more about our programme, ten you may want to attend one of our career taster events.

Half-day career taster agenda:

  • The opportunity to visit a Public Health department;
  • An overview of the organisation and function of the department;
  • The opportunity to meet public health specialists and Specialty Registrars to learn about their roles.

We will ask you in advance of the event if you have any specific objectives, so that we can tailor the event as far as possible to participants’ needs.

Please check the eligibility criteria by viewing the most recently advised job description and person specification in the ‘all vacancies’ section on this web-site or visiting the Faculty of Public Health web-site before you book.

Other Opportunities to Learn More

You may want to take the opportunity to attend public meetings involving public health specialists. Local authority and PCT Board meetings are open to the public and in some areas you will find public health lectures and conferences that you could attend. Public Health is often represented at national and local careers fairs.

If you are interested in a half day career taster event or attending a public health meeting please contact the HR and Development Manager. Events will be offered across the region. Dates and venues will be confirmed in due course and published on this page.

Guide to training – use this link to download a booklet on training in Public Health from the Faculty of Public Health website.