Tutorial: Facilitating Transformational Group Conversations and Meetings in Public Health

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Date: February 24th 2021 9:30am until 4:30pm

Location: via Zoom

These tutorials are open to Public Health Specialty Registrars on the South West Public Health Training Programme only.

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How often do you find yourself facilitating conversations, focus groups and meetings?  How do you rapidly build psychological safety for participants when meeting online?  How do you ensure everyone is heard, their contributions valued, and unique perspectives respected?  How do you tap into innovative ideas and suggestions?   

To facilitate is to make something possible or easier.  As a leader in Public Health you will often find yourself in the facilitator role.  You will have developed your own facilitation style over the years when chairing meetings, collaborating with teams, engaging stakeholders and influencing others.   

This event is designed to further develop your facilitation skills through experience, practiceinquiry and reflection.  We will delve into and experiment with a variety of modelstheories and structures to equip you with new skills and insights which will help you to create even more inspiring and productive events, meetings and conversations.   

Your facilitators will model techniques, reflect on their impact and explore when these can be applied in your work-setting. This event will be interactive, fun and reflective. 

The following agenda is for indicative purposes only.  The content, flow and exact timings will be agreed in partnership between you and the facilitators to ensure you get the most out of the day.   

0930 - 1000 

PGME Update - Maggie Rae, Diane Lloyd & Gemma Cooke 

1000 - 1300 

  • Welcome & introductions. 

  • Why are we here, talking about facilitation?   

  • What is the group’s collective purpose and aspirations for the day? 

  • What are the conditions for successful facilitation? 

  • What models, theories and structures best meet the needs for our rapidly changing world? (This will continue into the afternoon) 

1300  1345 

Lunch (Start time may vary) 

1345 - 1630 

  • How can you create the results you want to see?   

  • How can you incorporate these tools and techniques into your work? 

  • Where can you access further support and resources? 

1600 - 1630 

PH Registrar Business Meeting 

We will break regularly for short periods to give you some non-screen time, stretch your legs and do something good for yourself! 


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