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Welcome from the Chair
Professor Maggie Rae, Head of School of Public Health and Transformation



'Cost of Living Crisis and Public Health: Perspective from Scotland'

Professor Linda Bauld, Professor of Public Health, Usher Institute, University of Edinburgh



‘Ethnicity, deprivation, and child mortality: findings from the National Child Mortality Database’

(Highly commended abstract)

Dr David Odd, Consultant Neonatologist and Senior Lecturer, University of Cardiff


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Parallel Sessions (4 virtual rooms)

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Chair/Award presentation

Professor Maggie Rae, Head of School of Public Health and Transformation



‘Evaluating the effectiveness of an ‘Improving Access to Psychological Therapies’ (IAPT) service addressing the wider determinants of mental health in South West England’

(Highly commended abstract)

Dr Alice Porter, Research Associate in Public Health, University of Bristol



'The UK Centre for Climate and Health Security'

Professor Lea Berrang Ford, Research Chair in Climate & Health, University of Leeds and Deputy-Director, Head of the Centre for Climate & Health Security, UK Health Security Agency



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11:50 – 12:50


Room 1 AM


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Premature mortality and infant vulnerability

Physical activity and metabolic disorders

Engaging with patients and communities

Children and Young People and wider determinants


Chair: Hannah Thornton

Chair: Kate Yorke

Chair: Kamal Patel

Chair: Alexandra Creavin

11.50 – 12.07


Gwen Fernandes

NHS England

South West of England Mortality Profile 2022


Dev Vencappa

Swindon Borough Council

Evaluating the Football Fans in Training (FFIT) weight management programme in Swindon


Fran Baber and Milly Carmichael

University of Bath

Understanding food insecurity in Bath and North East Somerset: A qualitative study of community members’ and affordable food organisations’ perspectives


Katrina d'Apice

University of Bristol

A Randomised Controlled Feasibility Study of Talking Together, an Early Years Language Development Intervention Delivered in a Deprived Area in England


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12.10– 12.27


Helen Duncan

OHID/University of Bristol

Increased risks of poor outcomes related to vulnerability in infants who die suddenly and unexpectedly


Ruth Salway

University of Bristol

Child and parent accelerometer-measured physical activity and sedentary time post-lockdown: a natural experiment comparison with pre-pandemic data


Suzie Igoe

Cornwall Council

Service user insights and experiences of postnatal care in Cornwall: a mixed-methods study 


Thomas El-Hoss

University of Exeter

Addressing Torbay’s High rates of Cared for Children: An Engaged Public Health Approach to Improving Preventative Family Support.


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12.30 – 12.47


Sylvia Stoianova

University of Bristol

Childhood deaths, deprivation, and modifiable factors: findings from the National Child Mortality Database


Emily Eyles

NIHR ARC West UH Bristol NHS Trust, University of Bristol

‘Is taking more than one antipsychotic linked to risk of metabolic disorders in people with schizophrenia? A prospective cohort study using linked Clinical Practice Research Datalink data’


Ben Shaw 

University of Exeter

Symptom appraisal and help-seeking in men with symptoms of possible prostate cancer: a qualitative study with an ethnically diverse sample in London


Olivia Ford

South Gloucestershire Council

The negative effects of having a family member who has gone to prison on a young person’s mental wellbeing: an explorative analysis of the Online Pupil Survey 


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14:00 – 14:50


Room 1 PM


Room 2 PM


Room 3 PM


Room 4 PM



Health of infants

Screening and Immunisations

Sexual Health

Understanding health of school children


Chair: Janani Arulrajah

Chair: Susan Cummins

Chair: Josh Howkins

Chair: Dhanya Gardner

14.00 – 14.17


Hannah Edwards

University of Bristol

Results from the National PReCePT Programme (NPP): a public health intervention to reduce cerebral palsy associated with preterm birth'


Lesley Lewis

Somerset County Council

Increasing uptake of the flu vaccine in Somerset County Council employees: a randomised trial to evaluate the effectiveness of using behaviour change techniques in email invitations 


Maya Gobin

University of Bristol

Acceptability and feasibility of electronic vending machines for delivering HIV self-testing and STI self-sampling kits: a mixed methods study


Emily Widnall

University of Bristol

Barriers and facilitators to creating and sustaining a regional School Health Research Network in an English education infrastructure to improve adolescent health and well-being: a qualitative process evaluation. 


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14.20 – 14.37


Jo Williams

Bristol City Council

First Dental Steps Intervention: feasibility study of a Health Visitor led infant oral health improvement programme in South West England


Alexandra Creavin

Bristol City Council/University of Bristol

Inequalities in the uptake of bowel cancer screening across Bristol, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire since COVID-19


Mark McNally & Sarah Aston

Swindon Borough Council & Torbay Council

Understanding the barriers and facilitators to accessing HIV PrEP in underserved populations in the South West 


Rowan Renow-Clarke

Gloucestershire County Council

Comparison of trends in children and young people’s health and wellbeing pre and post pandemic using local school survey data 


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