Introduction to Assertiveness for Public Health Registrars

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Date: September 8th 2020 9:15am until 12:00pm

Location: via Zoom


This course is only available to Public Health Registrars in the South West

Many people feel uncomfortable telling others that they can't do something.  They may feel obligated when a colleague asks a favour, or feel pressurised when someone senior to them needs something done.  There are times when saying ‘no’ is a necessity, but in our experience, there is so much anxiety around the possible consequences of using it, that people don't say anything at all, or agree to things they'd rather not, or get landed with work that isn't theirs and so on.

By the end of the two and half hour workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • Deal positively with challenge from others without feeling ‘bad’
  • Offer feedback and say ‘no’ in effective and positive manner

Pre-work: Questionnaire

Outline Programme:

  • What is meant by the terms ‘assertion’ and ‘non assertion’?
  • Recognising behaviour in colleagues
  • Assertive and unassertive patterns and how they can develop into habitual approaches (Kahler)
  • The language of ‘niceness’ vs ‘assertiveness’
  • Practical tips and tools session:
  • Making requests
  • Challenging and stating your own views
  • Giving and receiving praise and criticism
  • Giving feedback to others using challenge model

This course will be facilitated by Dedici Ltd 


If you are no longer able to attend it is important to notify us as there are limited places available


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