South West Public Health Training Programme – Laptops

During 2012-13, a project was completed by Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to rebuild Registrars’ current laptops that were provided to them by the Training Programme at the start of their training. The project was funded by the Training Programme and ended at the start of 2015 with all those who requested a rebuild receiving one.

As a result of this, the Training Programme currently has a pool of 5 network free laptops which can be used by Registrars if required. If a Registrar uses a pool laptop during their training, this must be returned to the Training Programme office upon completion of training. Throughout its use, trainees must abide by information governance requirements as detailed by Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust will provide technical IT support to the laptops they have rebuilt.  If a Registrar has not had their laptop rebuilt and it is unable to be used due to age/other reason they will be offered a laptop from the pool.  The training programme will not be re-building anymore laptops; we will destroy any that are unable to function.   It was decided that from August 2013, Registrars who commence training will not be provided with a new laptop, however if they require a laptop for training programme work use only there are laptops available in the pool they may use.

All laptops will remain the property of the Training Programme and should be returned at the end of the Registrar’s training.

If you require a laptop for your work within your training location then they must provide you with that and IT governance requirements and technical support should come from that training location.

November 2015