The following questions are available to help StRs on the training programme to prepare for the exam. Please note that questions from the StRs and other regions are not quality assured.

MFPH Questions from Previous South West Mock Exams

Bladder Cancer
Prostrate Screening

MFPH Questions Written by South West StRs

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Supporting Documents

"Angry about evaluation findings"


Chemical incident (tetrachloroetheylene in drinking water)

Emergency admissions


Mushroom composting plant



DH Summary of intelligence on obesity

Pectus Excavatum

Public concerns about overhead power lines

Power frequency electromagnetic fields, melatonin and the risk of breast cancer (1.5Mb PDF file)


MFPH Questions from Other Regions

May 2006 Sample Questions From Scotland

 Download all questions on one document here


Supporting Documents

New treatment for renal cancer

NICE Report - Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation


Choose Life"

Colorectal cancer screening


Prostate cancer screening

NHS Cancer Screening Programmes booklet

Immunisation uptake


Water fluoridation

York University Systematic Review briefing



May 2006 Questions From Scotland Mock Exam

Download all questions on one document here

Teenage drinking




Asthma and air pollution


Abdominal aortic aneurysm


Autologous chondroctye implantation

NICE appraisal: ...Autologous Cartilage Transplantation

Water fluoridation


Back pain

Multidisciplinary rehabilitation... low back pain: systematic review

BCG vaccination

DH Operational Note to PCT... Co-ordinators

Breast cancer - age discrimination

"Management of Breast Cancer" Quick ref. guide

Questions From other Deaneries

OSPHE questions from East of England Deanery



MFPH Questions from the Faculty of Public Health

The Faculty’s MFPH preparation page provides a mini MFPH training pack and sample questions.

MFPH Questions Which Are No Longer Available on the Faculty of Public Health Website

OSPHE 001 A single-handed primary care medical practitioner
OSPHE 026 Closing Community Hospital beds
OSPHE 048 Developing Diabetes Services

Six more sample questions removed from Faculty (January 2006).  This is a PDF document containing the following six questions:

  • OSPHE 003 Hepatitis C Action Plan for primary care
  • OSPHE 008 Report of High Mortality in Cardiac Surgery in your Local Unit
  • OSPHE 017 Balloon Kyphoplasty
  • OSPHE 020 Teenage Pregnancy
  • OSPHE 026 Public Concerns about Mobile Phones
  • OSPHE 100 Health Impact Assessment of a Municipal Waste Incinerator.

Risk Communication Resources

Communicating about risks to public health Department of Health 1997

This publication is designed to assist in the identification of public health issues which may create difficulties in communicating health risks, to provide guidance in risk strategies and to allow for alternative analysis and sources of assistance. The problem of “perceived trustworthiness” of sources of information is discussed as is the need to be clear about objectives for any communication of health risks. Risk communication is considered in terms of research findings and as a decision process. A checklist of key points is provided.

Communicating risk in a soundbite Science Media Centre

A guide for scientists, doctors and engineers preparing for a broadcast interview, the results of a meeting between top scientists and journalists in July 2002.  They assessed the best ways to explain risks via the broadcast media, and suggested a whole host of examples. It is not meant to be a definitive “best practice” guide – it simply offers a choice of effective ways of answering questions about safety and risk. Note that the guide is intended for use in situations where risks are perceived to be much higher than they actually are. It is not intended to help cover up significant risks or threats to public health.